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You’re a woman on a mission. You want to create an online business in education, coaching, training, mentorship, therapy or any other service based business. But I’m sure you have realised as soon as you utter those words, or do a google search on how to start you will be met with a host of misinformation regarding what you ‘must have’ to get started.

I can promise you, most if not all you have read or been told is wrong, if you are just starting this adventure. 

It doesn’t start with a product.

Not with getting clear on your ‘avatar’ either.

And your ‘start’ is certainly not in a ‘list’, a website, a webinar or a sales funnel.  

It starts with YOU.

And this scares the hell out of you, because you don’t even know who you are any more.

But believe me, if you don’t figure this out, and simply go with what others are telling you you’d be great at, you will be back here again.  Perhaps in a month, a year, maybe five years.  It depends on your ability to keep on flogging that horse, but if you don’t figure you out ….. you will be back.

So, let’s just bypass the bull shit, and figure you out now. Then and only then will it be time to start building your business.

And when your are ready to build .....



  • If you want to start your online tutoring business, headache free, come join this free training.
  • You will learn how to Start your business now, with a structure that will allow you to scale without having to ‘redo’ everything you do now.

There is another possible pit fall.


You just want to jump right in there and build your website, do that webinar, get the autoresponder. Or maybe, all you need is a sales funnel, because SOME of what you were told you needed had to be on the right track …. right?


Jumping in head first without thinking about, planning, plotting and then mapping this out will be disastrous for you. And not only planning, plotting and mapping your business, but how and where it will exist in your current life. 

Am I suggesting you wait until it’s all clear.  Absolutely NOT.  That is another disastrous approach. You want to offer your services NOW, because now is when your clients/students need you. So no more ‘hiding’, no more ‘head spin’, no more ‘tech’ excuses. it’s time to get your structure in place.

You have a Service that others need, but you're hiding.

You’re hiding behind the ‘tech overwhelm’ and making it the excuse for not doing what your supposed to be doing.  Helping those who need your help. There are two reasons you were given a dream:

1. The world needs it,

2: You can achieve it.

You’re either going to love me or hate me for saying this … YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO HIDE.

If people NEED what you have to offer, if people ASK for what you have to offer, if people are asking you HOW they can work with you, then quite frankly you are CHOOSING to let them continue to experience the problem they have that YOU can eliminate. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? If you have a skill, talent or expertise you can share online, I have a kick-starter for you.


If you are ready to teach online.  If you are ready to make a difference.  If you are ready to take control of your teaching future.  The time is now, and the Nuts & Bolts course is for you.

I've heard all the excuses. I know all the excuses. I've used all the excuses.

It’s time to stop!

Some people love to talk about all the ‘speciality’ stuff you need to get yourself online, and offering your gifts to the world.

They’ll happily tell you what you NEED, but I put together my own version of this for you, just so you can see how simple it is to get started, right now.

Are they wrong?

No.  No they are not. But their ‘timing’ for you and what you need to do at the beginning of an online business is WAY OFF! 

You should NEVER compare your beginning to another persons middle or end.

– You do not NEED a 5,000 EURO (or even 500 EURO) website the day you start.

– You do not NEED a 2,000 EURO Facebook Ads course (or retain a FB ads agency) (or have a 10,000 EURO advertising budget) when you start (or even when you’re in the middle!)

– You do not NEED a 5,000 EURO Branding Specialist or photographer session to make your business cards/website/posters look professional.

– You do not NEED an Auto Responder, a built out Business Funnel, Webinar Software, Lighting Studio for Videos, Graphics Package for Image Creation, Video Editing Software, speciality video hosting etc. You will need them in the future, but not when your just starting. I describe What I wish I knew Before Starting to give you a head start, and avoid the common pitfalls many fall into. I know them too well, because I fell into many, that could have easily been avoided.

We all need support. Support is here if you want it. None of us know what we don’t know.

The list of 'Must Have's' is exhausting, terrifying even! and completely wrong!

So if overwhelm is what has stopped you in your tracks,

If all these ‘costs’ are what have been holding you back,

If this is what has been going through your head, it is seriously time to stop!

– Stop the head spin.

– Stop talking yourself out of DOING something.

– Stop telling yourself it costs THOUSANDS TO START A BUSINESS.



You either want to make yourself, your skills, your tallents, your expertise available to others, so they can get the help you can offer .... or you don't.

Either option - Do or DON'T - is a perfectly valid choice for you to make.

But make the choice based on WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, not on what you THINK you are or are not CAPABLE of doing.

So, what IS required to start your own service based business?

  • Stop with the excuses,
  • make a decision, 
  • make a commitment, 
  • then get to work! It really is that simple.

It’s Simple, it’s just not Easy!

I have put together an Audio and Pdf Set outlining exactly what you do need to get yourself up and running, fast.

You’ve had those incredible moments experiencing excitement at the idea of having your own online business ....

It’s time for you to DO SOMETHING about that.


The world NEEDS YOU to DO THIS.

– Nobody else can do what you do, the way you do it. Nobody. They are not you.

– You absolutely can make a wonderful living from serving others.

– You don’t have to sacrifice all your free time to offer your talents and expertise online.

What you do need is

– knowledge of the different technology platforms available

– which do you need to get started, which will structure your business to scale, and eventually allow your business to soar?

When do you use them? When are you ready to scale?

– How do you use them effectively?

– and most importantly, how do you make them work together, so your business requires minimal ‘maintenance’ from you?

Knowing this will allow you to focus on what you love – helping others using your expertise!

– You will not be the first person to do this.

– You will not be the last.

But you are the only you.


Eliminate some of that possible frustration by grabbing ‘What I wish I knew when I started’.

If you are the proactive type, make a simple, small step in the right direction today and join the conversation at my growing community of Teachers, Educators & All Round Incredibly talented individuals born to help others,  in this growing community of like minded people. I look forward to meeting you there.

If you are ready to make your Coaching, Training, Tutoring, Mentoring or other Service based business a REALITY, now is the time to start.

Start Here!

Download the ‘What I Wish I knew Before I Started.’ Pdf & Audio Kit. It’s time to realise it is NOT as complicated as some would like to have you believe.

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If you're ready to do the work....

If you’re done thinking, and are ready to gift yourself all the opportunities & possibilities that are just waiting for you to grab them, then simply make a simple decision – let me help you get going today with …

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