Niamh Wrenne

Hi there,

Are you a parent with a child or teenager struggling with mathematics, an educator (or other service provider) struggling with the process of getting your incredible skills online? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place.  Welcome!


As a parent of a primary/elementary aged student, and the designated math homework helper, you are the perfect choice to be their ‘guide on the side’. 

Primary aged children DO NOT need tutors. Come join me in Math Momentum Community so I can help you get started, or go straight to my resource specifically for parents of elementary aged children.


As a parent of a teenager, watching them struggle, be frustrated and defeated is hard.  

Algebra, geometry, trigonometry are all very specialised areas that may be out of your comfort zone. 

Let’s get your teenager back on track and reach their potential.


As an educator, you have skills, knowledge and a passion to share with the world. 

There are so many things that can stop you from offering your talents to others online, but if it’s the ‘tech gremlins’ then I can absolutely guide you to reach your full potential online.

Service Providers

If you want to offer any type of service online, be it in the fields of education, coaching, training, mentorship or product sales, there is a host of misinformation online regarding what you ‘must have’ to get started online.

It’s time to figure out exactly how to do it. Now is always the best time to start anything you want to achieve.