Niamh Wrenne




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    Hi there!

    I'm a Math Nerd and Geek out on all things regarding Online Education, Personal Development and Business Models.

    If this sounds like fun to you, then welcome!

    I’m Niamh & I help parents build math confidence in their children, math students gain momentum, teachers (of all subject areas) & service providers put their gifts, talents and expertise online.

    It’s all Simple. It’s just not easy.
    Yet everything is easy, when you know how.

    I am committed to helping Parents & Students unlock the mathematical performance capabilities that lay hidden inside of you.

    I am committed to helping Educators of all subject areas and skill sets, start your online tutoring business.

    I am committed to guiding skilled & talented people with expertise the world needs access to, create an online business that works.

    Who I am.

    I’m a mom of two amazing individuals and a natural born nerd who geeks out on all things regarding mathematics, education, online learning and personal development. Owner and founder of Math Momentum Academy.

    I unlock the mathematical performance capabilities that lay hidden in every student to the high school level.

    I am passionate about giving clear guidance to other Educators, to help them get their tutoring/teaching/coaching business online so we can all make our contribution to  Education Systems re-design for the 21st Century.

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    What I Believe.

    1. With the right guidance, students & parents working in parallel to teachers can unleash momentum in mathematics education, and finally put an end to the crippling myth of ‘math people’.
    2. The impact of momentum in mathematics achievement (in any achievement) allows individuals to experience confidence that translates into every area of life.
    3. This momentum, confidence, and peak performance is available to everyone.
    4. Every person has a skill, has expertise, has knowledge someone else in the world needs. If you are a born teacher, you should teach.
    5. If you have an expertise other people need access to, you have a responsibility to make that expertise available,

    What I do.

    I help parents deliver engaging, effective and enjoyable math to their elementary/primary aged children, which instils an early natural love and curiosity about the subject.

    I deliver math training, coaching and tutoring to students who want achieve their peak mathematical performance capabilities.

    I provide Teachers, Tutors, Counsellors, Mentors, Language Specialists and Other Service Providers with Business Start-up Coaching and do full Education Platform review, oversight detection & mitigation for those who want their Learning Management Systems to run smoothly.

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