Niamh Wrenne

Hi there & welcome.

If you are a coach, trainer, educator, mentor or a service provider of any kind, wanting to create (or move) your business entirely (or in part) online ...

then you are in the right place.

I’m Niamh & I help people just like you put all the online components required to build a strong service based business foundation, built with one goal in mind:

  • A strong START with the future ability to SCALE with ease.

There are only two things you need to get your business online …

  1. Know what service you offer
  2. Build it!

It's Simple. It’s just not easy.

Yet everything is easy, when you know how.

I have personally had my business online since 2004 providing math help to parents, students & educators.  And I still am a math coach.  You can check out what I do at Math Momentum Academy.

So what's stopping you?

The one thing I have found, keeps so many incredible individuals from pursuing their online adventure is complete overwhelm when it comes to the technology & the incredible cost of ‘done for you’ services, which can be very ‘scary’ at the beginning.

Is this you? Not moving ahead because you don’t know how to, and just can’t pay thousands for a website?

Both are very real & valid blocks. 

That is why I wanted to create a third option. As close to ‘done for you’ as possible, but you still do it! 

Are you ready to have your business online in just 7 Days?

What I Believe.

  1. Everyone has knowledge, gifts, skill sets, abilities to help and serve others.
  2. If you have an expertise other people need access to, you have a responsibility to make this expertise available.
  3. The longer it takes you to make yourself available, the longer your perfect clients/students have to wait.
  4. No one else in the world can do what you do, the way you do it, because they are not you.
  5. Everyone stresses about putting themselves ‘out there’ & those who do, are simply doing it despite the stress!

If one piece is 'wrong' or missing, everything stops working efficiently!

START NOW is my brand new Facebook group created to help you find that perfect business idea for you, and once the decision is made – get building it – tech overwhelm is no excuse. I’m there to answer your questions & ensure you get started. If you’re ready to stop faffing about, and are willing to get to work, then come join me and many others like you.  A community of like minded people means as much online as it does in realm of the real world!

"Let me help you find that perfect business for you"

It’s too tempting to start an online business doing what you ‘think’ everyone else would want, rather than what you were born to do.  I made this mistake (and many others) when I first started online in 2004. There are so many things I wish I knew.  That’s why I created a FREE gift for you, to get you started on the right track.





Your FREE and unmissable Pdf & Audio kit, outlining everything you need and don’t need to make your online service based business a reality, avoiding the pitfalls I’ve learned from working online for over 15 years.