Niamh Wrenne

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time.

Hi there and welcome.

My name is Niamh and I ‘eat elephants one bite at a time!’, when it comes to helping you create your NEW LIFE. That life you are dreaming about. The one where ….

You are financially dependent on NO OTHER PERSON.
If you’re dreaming of an online service based business that wont come with the expectation of sacrificing what’s important to you in your life, but does come with the expectation to earn a profit, and an independent living, then read on.

  • If you recently realized you are 100% dependent on another person for your financial security,
  • You’ve realized that any ‘socially recognized’ earning potential you had, is long gone, since you chose to stay at home with your children. (Hint: It doesn’t matter what level of education you have.)
  • You’ve been out of the ‘work place’ way to long to expect anything more than minimum wage?
  • Have you had those bad dreams where your spouse or partner have had some unfortunate accident and you are suddenly left with all the bills, mortgage, services, food, activities for the kids, cars, future education etc. and there is NO WAY you could earn that amount of money.
  • Or worse, have you decided you need to separate from your spouse/partner but are CHOOSING not to, because of your fear of financial insecurity.
  • Are you in the throws of separation and can’t afford to pay the legal fees?
  • Are you settling or making decisions out of fear and desperation?

I see you.  I was you. It’s time to stop! 

  • You can start your own business.
  • You can earn a living (and then some!)
  • You can do it in a way that does NOT take forever.
  • You are more than capable.
    You can do this.

And you are in the right place, because this is what I do.

I help women who are not tech savvy, move from being financially codependent to financially independent business owners.

So, are you ready to …

  • take back control of your finances?
  • take back control of your own life?
  • take back control of your future?

Then let’s get started.

If you are a woman with a vision of creating:

  • a business offering your services online
  • a business from the ground up, that works seamlessly in the background while you deliver your expertise,
  • a business built on strong foundations,
  • a business built with the ability to support you financially now and scale it to ‘dream size’ when you (and it) are ready,
  • a simple but strong structure that you can manage even though you’re not a ‘tech person’,
  • a business that wont make your feel you torn between time working it, and time for your other life commitments.

If you answered ‘hell yes’ then I have a community you will love being part of and you can absolutely Start Now.

I think in ‘systems’ and how they connect to each other. 

I can see that ‘elephant’ AND ‘the bite size pieces’ and, how they NEED to be created without you neglecting your already existing life responsibilities such as work (if you work outside of home), household duties, children, other family members etc. 

Having a successful online business does NOT mean you have to sacrifice other areas of your life, important to you, but we’ve been told over and over again that it does. So that has to be kicked to the curb right now.

I help you to look at the ‘overall’ big picture of your vision, what it is you want to achieve, how to whittle it down to manageable steps, exactly what you need, where to get it and how to set it up yourself, step by micro-step.

I can help you make your business vision a reality. There ARE a lot of ‘plates to spin’ but you DON’T have to drop any of them because you don’t have to spin them all at the beginning in the first place! 

When you start to scale your business (which will be inevitable if that’s your focus) you will have an entire business ‘run book’ to hand off to your ‘team members’ as you choose to hire them.

If you already HAVE a service based business, but are spending all your time,

  • -trying to figure out technology that is not in your realm of expertise,
  • looking at other peoples Facebook pages, websites, autoresponders, schedulers, course platforms, membership platforms, forums [and the list goes on!] and wondering ‘how do they do that?’ and jumping down ‘rabbit holes’,
  • trying to figure out what your next best action step is ….
    essentially, diving deep into the vortex that is otherwise called ‘tec stack options’ instead of actually staying in your zone of genius, then …

It really is time to Stop and Step Up

…. because you are doing yourself (and your potential clients) more harm than good struggling in this way.
And I say this from the very bottom of my heart, because it’s what I had to say to myself (eventually) after YEARS of wasted time, thinking I can just Google the solutions (which I did, but take note of the YEARS part of that sentence!).

I don’t just want to help you ‘step up’ and start your business (because I know that’s what you have already DECIDED to do), but to ‘step in’. To actually take those first steps and DO IT.

All tasks (not just business tasks) can be broken into ‘manageable’ actionable steps. Then completed in small time segments that fit into your already full and busy life, so you don’t miss out on beautiful precious moments and you certainly don’t get into the head-spin of overwhelm.

If Business and life Structural Design & Productivity on steroids is what you want, that’s what you get with me.
If you are:

  • In a head spin as to how you can make this business idea work,
  • In ‘research’ mode or ‘how do I do this’ mode or ‘dreaming’ mode,

In essence, you’re spending time trying to figure out how to do stuff, rather than actually getting anything productive done!
Or, you ou are working ALL THE TIME but not getting anywhere or worse still you don’t even consider yourself ‘working’ but trying to establish if you COULD do this, you need to hear something …

During this ‘figuring out stage’ you will ultimately experience a lot of LOSS.

  • LOST time.
  • LOST revenue.
  • LOST memories & moments.

If you don’t want that &
If you don’t want to inflict the ‘waiting until you’re up and running’ on your potential clients who are searching for the help you can give them right now, it’s time to stop breath and start.

Let’s get this sorted out now.

It starts with you.
You are the key to unlock the future you want. But you have to be true to you.
When you work with me I give you

  • The key to unlocking you, your potential, your talents and gifts, your uniqueness, then
  • WHAT the next tech steps for you to take are,
  • HOW (step by mouse-click-step) to complete the action task..
so you become an ‘action taking’ machine that creates a beautiful, online business that packages your gifts for your perfect clients, that allows you to simply stay in your zone of genius,  still have the head space and the energy to enjoy your life, with all the financial security you desire.

"The journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step."

  • I can break down your ‘elephant’ into bite sized pieces.
  • I can give you the action steps to take.
  • I can help you put your focus back where it should be.
  • I want to walk you step-by-beautiful step through the technology maze involved in your journey.

I want to work with you, but ONLY if you want all those things too.  If you do, come join the Start Now Facebook group, and let’s get you going.

You have the desire, the calling to do this.